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You’re brilliant…really.

Brilliant is defined as full of light, sharpness and clarity, magnificent, wonderful.

Having or showing unusual and impressive intelligence

You couldn’t be any other way, brilliant, that is. From the tiniest of beginnings, you road a giant learning curve to the life you are living today. Wow, congrats.

Sure you might have been blessed with a great beginning and were very fortunate if you were, but some had hard times to overcome to be alive and thriving today. You’re a success, still cranking away, still learning and contributing while adapting to the prevailing culture. Brilliance, that’s you. Your ability to adapt and connect with others is dependent upon what I have named The Universe of Communication.

The Universe of Communication

In an earlier blog, I mentioned The Universe of Communication, the three-part system that creates meaning, defines our responses and interprets what we understand and act upon. The three-part system includes your  inner world of thought, the outer world-people, places and things, and the overarching culture that silently determines meaning. When we agree to interact with each other within a society, we agree to the rules of the game. Each culture determines behavior, sets the parameters of meaning and defines acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

Somehow you learned how to behave by careful watching, listening, and learning the meaning of word, gestures, sound and symbols of communication. You have followed the overt and covert rules that have supported your success. Yet, I would guess that  most of us have a little voice within that wants to be free to express. I know I do. Sharing the truth as we know it is how we make our deepest and truest contribution.

None of us has permission to be fully ourselves in this face paced, competitive culture. We have been taught to conform to survive. Our society says we must be a certain way and we go along with it, denying the need to express our inner brilliance. We mirror how others look, sound and respond and that gets us some satisfaction on the outside, but little within ourselves. So much to share, no voice to share it with. Kind of sad.

Now, about that little voice that says “I have something very special to give. How can I share it?” Mine mini-me tugged on my  shirtsleeve  until I did considered how important it was to my soul to do something about it. In your case, you might be considered a great leader, parent or community member, but sometimes it can feel hollow. “Is that all there is?” people say when they have everything, yet long for the deeper fulfillment of authentic expression.

My dream is for more and more people to reveal themselves successfully, thoughtfully and clearly. Can you do that? Bring yourself to the party people, and see how much of a difference it makes to dare to be yourself. This is not only good for you, but for others you know and want to know.

Use your inner brilliance, your communication skills and awareness of the current culture as a path for the expression of your unique gifts. It’s really okay to pull off the mask. Share your true colors and be open to a new way of  being in the world. A much more fulfilling way.


“I have been Diana’s client for years. Not only has she improved my business with her talent, insight and skill, she has also helped me transform myself into a more aware, authentic and happy person.”

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