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The Universe of Communication©

Understanding the interactive and symbiotic nature of the Universe of Communication is critical to understanding the many facets of communication. The three facets are your world-the others who you communicate with-the over aching culture that defines everything. We cannot meet others without being, often unconsciously, in its three spheres of influence-inner mind, information exchange with others and the overarching culture that dictates meaning and rules. How accurate can we be in delivering messages if the windows of our minds are clouded with false perceptions or the inability to communicate our own truth?

When life gets confusing and we don’t know how to react to people or circumstances, it is wise to remember The Universe of Communication.

When we confront confusing situations, our first response is to pull solutions from the past, but past solutions don’t always fit. If a war of words ensues with others, we must remember that everyone carries different perceptions of events, ideas and actions. When one or both parties are at an impasse and emotions start to rage, we need to ask ourselves the following questions. Hint: Look for where the miscommunications exist and you will probably find a way to break the deadlock.

  • Is the other person perceiving my message as I intended?
  • Am I hearing their messages incorrectly through my preconceived ideas or emotion?
  • Are cultural, national, or familial differences coloring how we are reacting to each other?
  • Is the outside culture coloring our lack of understanding?
  • Have I chosen the most appropriate methods of communication to deliver this message?

This model is a simplification of a very complex process, but it does connect the three critical components of communication. By remembering the influence that individual thinking, shared communication and culture have on situations, you will to be more objective, more understanding and more able to work toward common understanding.


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