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The reason for my work in a nutshell

No one has explained the importance of my work as well as Mark Matousek, the author of five books on consciousness. This is a direct quote from him:

“As humans we are rarely honest about who we are. But when we start the powerful work of telling the whole truth, our lives can change radically. We start being honest about what we truly want and what we don’t want. And just that (alone) can be a big awakening.” What he is talk about is the awakening of more of your uniqueness, perspectives and passion which gives you more confidence, sense of purpose and better responses to challenging circumstances. You are grounded in what you believe and deliver it carefully and with the intend of being heard with clarity.

What would it be like if you woke up one day and found you wanted to give more of yourself in your life, work and relationships? What if you could pause and know how to deliver this information without blowing your current life apart? What would that feel like?

Pretty important stuff, I believe.



“I have been Diana’s client for years. Not only has she improved my business with her talent, insight and skill, she has also helped me transform myself into a more aware, authentic and happy person.”

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