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The power of perception

Do you know that not one of us perceives the world exactly the same way? Each of us has a head filled with billions of bits of information-some beliefs, some facts, some truth and some fiction. Perception is crafted though the lens of your knowledge of the world based on early childhood, schooling, experience, societal norms and conventions.

As far-fetched as this seems, we also have within our minds, primitive perceptions that have been built into the network of the universal “belief bank”. Most are assumptions made thousands of years old and are false and obsolete today. More and more people are questioning them big time, hoping to challenge each one by one hoping to transform how we understand ourselves and others.

Since we are told that we only use 5% of our brain each day to function consciously, 95% of our lives are run on old tapes, old habits and falsehoods stuck in our unconscious. With this in mind, who is in charge, you or your million (billion?) programs?

We rely on our five senses to tell us the truth when often they are not equipped to do anything but interpret the outside world within the framework of what our brains already knows. We run our lives from these old programs − trusting some groups of people and not others, deciding what is good and bad, what to fear and what to trust.

The emotions that are attached to this habitual programming motivate us to repeat the same old thing day in and day out. We attract people, ideas and things that support our perceptions. Our world is filled with proof that our beliefs are correct. But are they?

Do you have areas in your life that you can’t seem to change? Do you want to be a more effective leader, a visionary of just a regular guy wanting to live your life in peace? Have you held back the true genius that lives deep inside you because your inner voice said you couldn’t, shouldn’t or were not good enough? If you have tried to change using your willpower, but those changes failed. What you have accepted about yourself, which is coded into your neurology, will always have the final say. Remember, unconscious habits, patterns, tapes and keys run 95% of our experience.

The one thing you can do is become aware of your thinking and challenge what disempowers you. You have to be conscious and clean your closet of false perceptions. It is not easy to pay attention to what you are thinking and replace it. I takes motivation, patience and intention. It is the most rewarding and freeing work that you will undertake in your life because you will run the ship more and more.

No matter how rich or successful you become, there is much more of you to be shares. You have talent, passion, gifts and insight waiting to be expressed. When you combine your new awareness with your current success, your life will improve and you will be sharing your gifts more fully with the world.


“I have been Diana’s client for years. Not only has she improved my business with her talent, insight and skill, she has also helped me transform myself into a more aware, authentic and happy person.”

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