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The endless loop of mind chatter. Be original. Ignore it.

How many of you have a nagging voice or voices in your head that are always ready to distract or lead you to a wrong decision? These voices are critical, fearful or judgmental and are always based on limited perceptions from our past. And we know, with the rapid and complex world we live in, limited, mediocre thinking rarely gets results. We need original thinkers who can synthesize the old and the new in creative ways.

Our solutions will not come from the voices of doom and gloom. They will only bring more doom and gloom. It is time to be open to hearing our own voices. We must ignore the ego mind that breathes down our necks so that our original thinking can pour forth.

What is original thinking? Original thinking is thinking that is based on the whole of you-your inner knowing, insight, and intuition combined with your skills, talents and life experiences. At first, new ideas, true ideas can seem crazy or unrealistic. Yet original thinking fueled Steve Jobs and many others who created our most treasured inventions. I know these ideas seemed crazy before their time, but anyone who has the passion and courage to push through the unknown to create something worthwhile is an original thinker.

There is a deeper part of you that lives to be expressed. If you dig deeply inside yourself, you will find a most profound source of new answers, actions, ways to live and connect with others. Your intention and commitment to living from your core presence birth answers that are innovative. Together your mind and heart work for you in ways that your mind alone would never dare-it’s too stuck on the past.


“I have been Diana’s client for years. Not only has she improved my business with her talent, insight and skill, she has also helped me transform myself into a more aware, authentic and happy person.”

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