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Most fortune 500 leaders claim that their success is directly related to their ability to communicate their ideas to others.

Our Four Offerings

Core Presence Executive Sessions©

All four sections of the program are mastered in private sessions by phone and in person. I challenge you to be an authentic and masterful communicator gaining poise in any presentation or exchange. Subtle, graceful awareness of self and others is guaranteed. Read More

Core Presence Leadership Sessions©

The same four-part program as Executive Sessions with the addition of my onsite shadowing, observing and feedback to increase your perceptions of organizational culture, people and processes. I am a second pair of eyes and ears that amplify your perspective for increased awareness and fresh ideas.

Advanced Strategic Storytelling©

Custom designed story sessions created to provide a practice field for the creation or discovery of well-chosen stories used within communication strategies. Can be used to affect culture change, marketing/sales, teamwork or anywhere that stories can soften resistance and encourage motivation. Read More

Custom Executive Team Training

The Core Presence Program is offered to select members of management teams whose leaders have participated in the Core Presence© program, insuring the highest level of acceptance and skill integration.

The Critical Components

Core Presence The safe and empowering foundation of authentic expression. Discover and explore what is inside of you waiting to be seen and heard. Authenticity is the key to true human connection. True connection is gold.

Skills Your ideas must be presented through your visual, vocal and verbal channels with clarity and confidence. Learn how to tailor these skills to your personality and style to reach anyone at any time.

Stories are ancient and powerful change agents, calls to action, windows to emotion and tools of learning. They lower defense mechanisms and resistance to change while inspiring connection. A most important skill to master.

Strategy To get the best results, always employ communication strategies. Using the right tools at the right time is critical. Whether you are engaged with someone on a daily basis or just once, you will learn how to plan for maximum impact.

Miami Beach 2013, Coached two day communication training for Apple Computer’s Canadian and South American Marketing Groups for Harrington Training Group. I am the one on the end left bottom row.


“Diana’s work is totally unique. She helps organizations shine the spotlight on organizational heroes and heroines who not only contribute to success, but also serve as inspirations to others.”

Jim Kouzes Co-author Leadership Challenge, Chairman Emeritus,
The Tom Peters Company
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