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Manipulation vs. Authentic Communication Part 2

Authentic communication is David to Manipulation’s Goliath yet when it is practiced, people listen. They listen because something inside of them knows what’s real and what isn’t. They will always go with real even if they don’t know why.

Authentic Communication
Authentic communication is allowing yourself to be seen and to listen to others fully

Disclaimer: I do not consider “being real” the complete revelation of all your thoughts, opinions and secrets. You are always at choice to reveal as much or little as you want. What I am saying is that to be authentic is to dig down into yourself to connect with the ideas, plans, likes and dislikes that represent your very unique perspective of the world. You are unique and you have something to share with us that no one else does.

By being real, you allow others to be real, too. Connecting to our real selves first is the only way we can hook up to our internal lie detector. Call it intuition. Call it a gut feeling. Call it trusting your instincts, but when we ignore it, we can suffer.

You don’t have to manipulate, but can be so focused and so brilliant in your presentation that people will hear your every word. Then you allow your audience to decide to agree or disagree with you. No manipulation.

The best way to approach others must be based on bringing your best game and sharing it honestly. Being real is honoring the needs of both you and them. If it’s goods or services that truly fits our needs, then we exchange money for it. It’s that simple. I don’t have to sell you anything because the truth will tell you if it’s the appropriate choice.

Some of you cynical ones might scoff at being real because it seems that the only way to win these days is manipulation. You can’t even imagine any other way to do business. “It’s the way of the world,” you tell to yourself and add more and more glitz to your presentations.

Have you ever longed to lower your guard and be yourself, honestly expressing your ideas and wants even in business? When you have the insights, skills and courage to live this way, things seem to come to you, the people around you seem to relax and you’re happier.

Authentic communication is based on the premise that if we all chill, we can work things out without using fear or the salesmen’s shorthand “need or greed” to get over. If you haven’t already started, you can begin by relaxing, being yourself little by little, and intending the best for all.

Okay, the bell has rung. The fight is over. Who do you choose as the winner? The one who intends to be clear, honest and specific or the one that plays games with you, licking its chops as it waits to grab your money, time or attention?

★★My blogs are intended as thought provokers only. I am only a messenger who wants you to take your power back and make informed decisions. Let me know what thoughts these blogs provoked in you. I would love to know.


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