Truth brings awareness.
Awareness opens the doors of possibility.

Self-Fulfilling Prophesy

Part instruction, part story, part history and science, my book begins by taking the reader through a series of stories to illustrate the hardwired power of personal belief. Learn how far scientific research has come to support the concept that, “thoughts become things.”

At the end of each chapter, the reader will have an opportunity, through exercises, to explore their own thinking both in good times and bad, to see how their different beliefs influenced their different outcomes.

The book also shows the power of mass influence by tracing television programming from the 1950s to the present with parallel snapshots of the society and culture in each era, concluding that mass marketed messages have enormous power to shape our lives, our health and our communities.

The goal of the book is to create understanding about the links between the brain’s native ability to think in pictures, sounds and stories and the power of mass marketed messages to use it. Their incessant, repetitive messages reinforce fear and insecurity so that we buy what they have to sell.

My hope is that the information in the book will encourage readers to develop strong but simple critical thinking skills to analyze all messages that try to persuade or influence. My goal is to help everyone live their lives from the inside out.

This book is currently being written. The publication date will be announced upon completion.

The Laws of Gravity

Follow the exploits of Lily Brand, a beautiful, 30-something New York socialite who has recently established a new life in San Francisco. She lives on Russian Hill above Chinatown and North Beach with her best friend from high school who she fears will one day kill himself after multiple attempts. Burt has been in a constant state of depression since the brutal murder of his mother fifteen years ago.

Lily’s life has not been her own since she brought him to live with her. She has no privacy and his constant state of desolation has begun to affect her moods as well. She is torn up inside trying to find a way to help him. Then one day a completely crazy idea comes to her.

Burt’s recent suicide attempt prompts her to think outside of the box. She decides that she has to solve Mrs. Christiansen’s murder. Her hope is that once the case is closed for good, Burt will finally find peace. She has to open the cold case and catch the killer.

Lily decides she has to act quickly. She prepares to interrupt her life and go back to New York to solve the crime with the help of experts.

Follow Lily as she uses her beauty, brains and connections to solve the cold-blooded murder with the help of a crusty old private eye and a handsome young NYPD detective.

This book is set for publication in 2018.


“Diana is at once a logical thinker and a visionary. She has a way of putting things together in ways that are both revolutionary and logical.”

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