To support the development and expression of individual genius

How I work

We meet in private sessions or on the phone over time to support unconscious integration. I find that working in the moment with a flexible agenda is the most effective way to make progress that is permanent. I like to play it loose because my clients are busy people. Flexibility and spontaneity are important for this process.

We begin by discovering together how you want to represent yourself, those things that stop you that create stress and blocks to your authentic presentation. We tackle misperceptions as we come forward to unearth more of your genuine uniqueness and genius.

We will build a bond of trust that leads to mastery of authentic communication. I share my knowledge, perceptions and interpretations to show you how to be fully present in every moment. (Read a more complete description on the Services page under Core Presence Executive Sessions.)

Having studied, created and taught communication for over twenty years, I have found that the most important and profound qualities of great leaders are self-knowledge and deep listening.

My background includes years of training, coaching and consulting for personal and organization change. I have worked in multiple industries and for companies such as Microsoft and Hewlett Packard. I joined Michael Gerber, author of the E-Myth, as a management consultant and trained presentation skills around the world for Decker Communications.

I wrote and taught for Santa Clara University’s School of Business, as well as created an original organizational development class for the University of California, Santa Cruz. My work has been focused on personal empowerment, organizational development, employee motivation, storytelling and marketing.

I hold a Bachelors degree in Broadcast Communication/Radio and Television from San Francisco State University and a Master Practitioner Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

To become a world-class communicator, you must have the confidence to use your words, your body and stories with greater accuracy. The goal is to be congruent with yourself, your audience, your message and methods of expression. That takes practice.

“I love to work with the best and brightest people. They absolutely bring out the best in me. We have great fun blending our knowledge while challenging each other’s minds to create magic that translates into masterful communication and brilliant results.”


“Diana is a “master” problem solver and teacher. She seems to understand how important each look, word and sound can be to winning or losing the day.”

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