Greatness demands world-class communication
The most consistently successful people in the world practice communication that comes from the core of who they are. They express what is inside of them and contribute their unique gifts to the world. They don’t hold back and often say what we wish we could.
They command our attention, are memorable and motivational. Skill building alone does not get you there; you must connect external skills to internal truths. In other words, you have to show up authentically. External skills are the icing on the cake. You are the cake.
Communicating from your core gives you a confidence
that skill building alone cannot provide.
Core Presence© is a one-on-one executive consulting program that helps participants locate hidden parts of themselves that are ready for expression. Confidence and openness are built from inner exploration and expressed out to the world from a master’s level of communication.
Sharing my honest thoughts brought surprising results
True Story: In the 1990’s, I participated in an online business discussion group sponsored by MIT. Many top-level executives and academics participated from all over the world. One day, I had to share my deepest thoughts, which wasn’t easy because I was intimidated by the expertise of the group. But I couldn’t keep my ideas to myself. After about a week, a remarkable thing happened.
I received an e-mail from a senior partner at Dean Witter’s corporate office inviting me to fly 3000 miles, all expenses paid, to interview, sight unseen, for a high-level change management position. I took the interview and even though I didn’t get the job, I walked away with something better. I experienced, first hand, the power of being open, honest and true to myself and my ideas.

New Half-Day Program! Rapid Results

Get Real-Get Results© is a new 90-minute program, with a follow-up phone coaching session, that gives you a mini-experience of my larger programs without the time or commitment. You can address your most current communication challenges and walk away with solutions, skills and perspectives that can be used in all situations.

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About diana

I have studied the communication process from many angles for many years. What I know is that a person who is comfortable sharing themselves with consistency and ease, is the one who gets my attention, inspires me and gains my trust. All the spoken or written skills in the world won’t make someone believable if they are not being themselves. We all intuitively know who is acting and who is not. We have built-in detectors that let us know when someone is faking it or not. We respond easily to those who are genuine.

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“Diana uses her vast understanding of communication to help individuals convey their ideas most effectively. She somehow sees a client’s highest potential as well as their blind spots. She is a trusted ally to those who are ready to express their best.”

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